Develop lifelong learners by encouraging reading across all genres and all platforms. #AllBooksForAllKids is about getting all students to read what they want, how they want.

Let’s spread a love for reading!

We’re committed to helping all students grow as readers by providing books in any genre, any format.

Follett’s Commitment to Literacy

Part of #AllBooksForAllKids means making sure all students have access to books. It’s our mission to help put books into the hands of all students.

Student Choice

When students have a choice in what they read, it leads to a generation of enthusiastic readers and a hunger for learning. Building a lifelong love for reading starts with choice, so let’s empower students to take ownership in what they read.

Any Type of Book

It doesn’t matter what they read, or how they read it. Whether a student picks up a graphic novel, listens to a novel in verse audiobook, or reads an article from a database, #AllBooksForAllKids is about seeing students’ faces light up because they’re reading and learning about the topics that interest them.